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Signs You Need a New Battery

The battery is a critical part of any vehicle. Not only is a battery integral for starting your engine,it activates all the other components by producing power and ensures smooth ride. Without a fully-functioning battery, you’ll stay safe and cool on a long drive. On average, your car battery can last between 2 and 7 years. The exact lifespan depends on how often you drive your vehicle, type of battery you have, and how well you perform maintenance.

Here are some symptoms that indicate your vehicle’s battery is due for replacement.

Unused Battery

If you haven’t checked or changed your battery for too long, there are chances of the battery to die. By driving your vehicle frequently, your battery’s health will be maintained properly. The battery gets recharged as you drive, and it gets weak if not used for a long time.

Slow Starts

If your engine takes more time to start, then your battery is failing. You can hear some strange noises every time you start the vehicle, or the lights begin to flicker. These are signs of a dying battery. Hire a professional to check the starting system or have the battery replaced.

Endless Jumpstarts

Frequent jumpstarts is the potential sign that the battery is prematurely wearing out. So, at this point you have to check your warranty and get another battery. An electronic part that consumes power when you shut off the vehicle can drain the battery.

If your car’s light is on somehow, the battery will likely die. It’s good to hire an expert to inspect the vehicle, they will detect the causes of the frequent jumpstarts before you spend money on a new battery.


How often do you look at your battery? You have to check regularly for corrosion. Corrosion means that the battery will start to emit acidic fumes. This might affect the voltage and lower the battery’s efficiency. The corrosion will come back, even if you thoroughly clean the battery, so it’s best to get a new battery entirely.

Awful Smell

If you get the smell of rotten egg every time you open the hood, it is due to the dying battery. A battery will start to leak the gas when an internal short occurs. Check immediately or get a replacement.

Old battery

Don’t forget the last timeline of your battery replacement. In ideal conditions, car batteries can last 3-5 years. Not only the old battery is the culprit,  also the climate, electronic demands and driving habits all play a role in the lifespan of your battery. Test regularly once it gets close to the 3-year time period.

These are some signs for replacing a battery. Frequent inspection is necessary to detect the issues early and thus it prevents costly repairs.